Or give folks the option to hide their own results from the larger public

Or give folks the option to hide <a href="https://besthookupwebsites.org/sugar-daddies-usa/nm/albuquerque/">try this site</a> their own results from the larger public

As currently configured, the site makes information that is otherwise only available on the darkweb (e.g., saliently, that you were an AdultFriendFinder user) readily accessible to anybody with an internet connection.

This would only really make sense for pwned email addresses, since there would be no easy way to prove you are the owner of a given account otherwise.

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Alex, check the laws in your local jurisdiction, many countries (such as those in the EU), have laws that require companies to permanently remove your identity if requested.

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HI, I have a problem which I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere on the web, I use to be a member of AFF & then I deleted my account, I also asked & gave them notice that I want my email address to be removed from their database & website too, however it seems that my email address is still in their database & each time I send them an email asking them to remove/delete my email address I get an automated reply which basically says they will hold my email address to stop people having duplicated accounts . to me that is just pure B.S. as they want to make people PAY extra to change their username or profile or something else, and anyone can have millions of profile on there with just creating new Hotmail account & sign in.

so is there a law or privacy protection which does allow me to DEMAND from them to remove my email address from their website & get a confirmation? (more…)

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