How to Meet Girls at the Beach and in the Water

How to Meet Girls at the Beach and in the Water

I am pretty sure that you have already watched one or two porn movies that had this title. Just type “beach voyeur” into Google and you’ll find tons of picks of clueless girls who have been filmed by such guys.

I don’t expect that you take your camera to the beach and make a photo from every girl you approach, but you can actually fulfill the creepy beach voyeur image without having a camera, tennis socks and an evil laugh.

All you have to do to fulfill this stereotype is to walk up and down the beach all day to stare at every ass that walks by.

“Yes ladies, I stare at your asses as long as I want and there is nothing you apps voor Android en enkele dating site can do about it mwahahaha!”

That’s exactly what I did when I tried to learn how to meet girls at the beach. The first time I ever tried to approach a girl at the beach was in Miami. I was 19, I was still together with my ex-girlfriend and this was the first time I saw half-naked black girls with big booties and thongs that would have been too small for an Asian butt.

I was walking up and down the beach and at some point I even tried to make pictures of some asses. After I walked around for two hours I masturbated in one of the shower cabins.

I am not proud of what I did, but that was the only way my insecure self could deal with the stimulation.

The result of the day was a nasty sunburn, zero phone numbers and the feeling of being a complete loser.

Being Too Serious

There are definitely places where discussing deep topics can make all the difference between “he’s an attractive guy” and “I want to feel him deep in me”. (more…)

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