The wrong way: Double Hashing & Wacky Hash Features

The wrong way: Double Hashing & Wacky Hash Features

A familiar error is with an equivalent sodium when you look at the for each hash. Possibly the fresh sodium is tough-coded for the system, or is produced at random just after. It is useless because if one or two users have a similar code, they will still have the same hash. An attacker can always have fun with a face-to-face search table attack so you’re able to focus on an effective dictionary assault for each hash at the same time. They just need certainly to use the fresh salt to every code imagine ahead of they hash it. In the event your salt is difficult-coded into the a popular unit, browse dining tables and you may rainbow tables would be built for you to asiandate salt, making it easier to break hashes produced by the product.

Brief Salt

Whether your sodium is actually small, an attacker is also generate a research desk per you’ll be able to salt. Such as for example, if the sodium is just around three ASCII letters, there are just 95x95x95 = 857,375 possible salts. That may feel like a lot, in case for every single lookup table include merely 1MB of the very preferred passwords, with each other they’ll be merely 837GB, that’s not a great deal offered 1000GB hard disk drives are purchased for under $one hundred now.

For the very same cause, new username shouldn’t be made use of while the a salt. (more…)

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