Pointers to young Muslims that have fallen in love

Pointers to young Muslims that have fallen in love

On adopting the article, We target all the Muslims international who happen to be hopelessly crazy about people. All of us get some things wrong therefore are happy to own Allah because our very own Rabb to possess They are Al-Ghaffoor, Many Forgiving.

Through this post, I really hope so you’re able to seem sensible of your emotions regarding the person you’re in love with. We hope, towards the end from it, there are a sense of just who the fresh Khadeejah (Can get Allah be pleased with the lady) into your life are.

Love, as we know they and Shari’ah

If you have ever questioned as to why brand new Shari’ah prohibits pre-marital dating, it’s because of one’s exposure it throws the happy couple when you look at the. Within the Fiqh, i’ve an idea called “Maqaasid-us-Shari’ah” and therefore “The goals of your own Shari’ah”. You can find five such as Maqsads, which can be:

  • the safety of deen
  • coverage away from lifestyle
  • safety away from self-esteem
  • cover away from riches
  • coverage away from intellect

For the true purpose of securing a person’s self-esteem, our company is taboo off engaging in any pre-relationship dating. A lot of people foolishly try to overrule which of the claiming one to “ they’re not such as the other people” or one to “they understand the constraints” .

Allah knows that whenever a non-mahram guy and you may girl come together, Shaytaan ‘s the 3rd people. Shaytaan lights a fire which can simply be put-out thanks to intimate intimacy. (more…)

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