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Aliya Jung

Natural Healer

I help people–especially women–with chronic pain to achieve their goal of being pain-free naturally without drugs.

A pain-free life means a  better quality of life. It means enjoying life doing what you love to do: traveling, playing with your children and grandchildren, being in nature, having an active social life, etc… “I can’t”  becomes “I can” when you are pain-free.

The ability to move freely and easily is a great gift and often taken for granted.  You don’t know how valuable it is until you’ve lost it.  I am here to help you get that back and help you heal yourself.


My clients come to me feeling stressed and suffering from chronic pain. They have tried everything to relieve and resolve their pain: medications, physiotherapy, ultrasound therapy, chiropractic care and other types of treatments. My clients spend their lives suffering from chronic pain and living smaller and smaller lives due to the pain.

I am a natural healer and trained to use many techniques in my healing practice:  Energy Work, Reiki, The Peace Process, Instant Miracles, Chakra Healing, Open Heart Meditation, and much more.  I work closely with my clients to develop a healing plan and  apply these methods according to their needs.  They start to experience the healing energy moving in their bodies and get that much needed relief from pain, without taking any drugs.

This work came as a personal evolution after working many years as a Licensed Pharmacist. I know the purpose of medications and I understand the power of healing.

If you want to feel and experience relaxation while being pain-free-naturally you have come to the right place. I have more than ten years’ experience healing pain all over the body—from the top of your head all the way down to your toes and all parts in-between. I have helped many people and I know I can offer you a way out from your chronic pain and suffering on to a path of healing yourself.

My mission as a  healer is to serve humanity and end pain and suffering using my gifts and skills.

Let’s work together to end your pain now!

guided meditation

The simple guided meditation that increases your ability to live pain-free naturally, without drugs.

quality of life

Have better quality of life & eliminate pain which might be restricting you from doing things you love, like travelling, being in nature etc.

special healing

Experience special healing, guided meditation that is unique and customized to your needs

healing energy

Get relief from pain by receiving healing energy, instant miracle and much more…

Heal faster

Heal faster, feel better, let yourself be relaxed, renewed, and rejuvenated